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Monday, October 20, 2014

New Public Speaking Cartoon

Stories for Public Speakers

Stories make your presentations come alive and your audiences attentive.

Here is one from my collection.

It's Just Impossible to Please Everyone

Long ago on a small farm outside a remote country village
there lived a father and son who grew vegetables to earn their

Each Saturday morning they would take their produce, by
donkey, to the local market about 2 miles away.

One Saturday morning they both rode the donkey to the
market with the produce on their backs. The people on route
looked at the father and son on the donkey and said, "Look at
the two of them riding that poor donkey to market.  How lazy
they are."

The next Saturday the father rode the donkey and the son
walked.  Once again the people on route said, " Look at that
lazy father riding while his poor son walks to the market."

On the next trip the son rode the donkey and the
father walked and the people said, " Look at that lazy boy
riding the donkey to market while his poor father walks."

The father and son decided to do something different the
following Saturday. They carried the donkey tied by its feet
to a pole each end  placed on their shoulders. The produce was
carried on their backs.

On their way to market they overheard the people say, " Look
how they treat that poor donkey and they had the local
constable charge the father and son with cruelty to animals.

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Friday, October 17, 2014

Eight Steps to Paid Public Speaking

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If you have always had the dream of becoming a well paid motivational speaker but didn’t know where or how to start you just might be interested in these 8 tips from someone who earns a very good living speaking.

1. Decide on a topic. ( What are you passionate about?)
2. Prepare a dynamic 45 minute speech on your chosen topic.
3. Make sure it is laced with stories and humor.
4. Know it so well that if I woke you in the middle of the night and told you to start ten minutes into your talk you could do so easily.
5. Bring your speech to the local market then to the world.
6. Advertise and promote yourself like crazy.
7. Let word of mouth work its magic.
8. Find someone who is doing what you want to do and learn from him/her.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

How to Get, or Come Close to Getting, the Fee You Ask For

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One of the most frequently asked questions  I receive  from budding speakers involves how to much to charge for a  presentation. New speakers always tend to undervalue themselves and  are afraid to set a respectable fee.

My advice  is to decide on two fees  that  are reasonable, one for profit groups and one for non profit. When you decide on the fees you want to charge stick with them.  Don't give the person enquiring about your service the idea that you are shy or uncomfortable about asking to be well paid. 

Here is what I do and it is based on the fact that I want to work. If I receive an inquiry about dates and fees I always say in a confidant voice, " My fee for up to 90 minutes is $2500 plus expenses." I pause and let them consider the fee. If they respond with ," Oh that's beyond our budget." I immediately say, " How close can you come to my fee respecting both your budget and my need to earn a living?"  If they say "We can handle $1800 plus expenses." I am now faced with  the possibility of splitting the difference or accepting  their offer.

I feel that it is better to accept a lower offer than sitting at home receiving nothing. So if I have good feelings about the group, or like the venue etc. I will accept a lower fee. Many times the conference is at a beautiful resort in a great setting. This helps me make a quick decision.

If the person interested in hiring me states a figure that is ridiculously low I say that I can't even consider that  in fairness to  my other clients.

If I am allowed to sell my books and CDS after the talk I am able to significantly add to my take home pay. Be quite firm about selling at the back of the room when you  have settled for a lower fee.

I know there are speakers who won't budge on their fee. I respect that but I am not one of them. 

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Two Effective Marketing Tips for Speakers

 One question I am constantly asked is, " How can I get booked for speaking gigs?" Here are two effective ideas for you to consider.

1. Tips Booklets

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I use tips booklets to market my speaking services and they work quite well. 
Each booklet is no more than 16 pages and fits into an #10 business envelope.
Each can be mailed for the cost of a regular stamp.

I send a free copy out to my niche markets with a little cartoon  drawing on the
envelope  saying FREE gift inside.  The cartoon gets them to open the envelope and the
gift booklet shows them what I can do for their company or organization. It acts
like a large business card containing free relevant tips they can use.  I also
mention that they can order copies in quantities if they would like to  use it
as a give away promo item.

2.Fund Raising

Have you tried fund raising as a means of getting booked? That is where a group
or organization hires you to speak and they charges a fee for attending your seminar.
and you split the ticket sales. Then you sell your products at the back of the room and give
them 10 percent of the money raised through the sale of books, CDs etc. It is a win/win situation.
I got this idea from speaker Tom Antion.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Public Speaking and The Law of Expectations by Mike Moore

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 The Law of Expectations states that we move toward and
eventually realize what we expect from life.  If you expect to
be successful, if you work hard to achieve success  and if you
never give up, you will achieve your expectations.

When you combine the law of expectations with
visualization you compound your possibilities.  If you expect
to be successful and visualize yourself as successful the
likelihood of you achieving success is certain. Remember, we
tend to become what we expect to become.

When applied to public speaking it looks like this.
When you are hired to give a speech expect it to be a
sparkling, enthusiastic success. Visualize yourself as an
interesting, witty, well informed master of the art who
totally enjoys the subject and the audience.  Hold this
expectation and vision in your mind firmly. Don’t let go of it
for anything.  Repeat over and over,” I tend to become what I
expect to become and achieve what I expect to achieve.”

If you commit yourself to this process you will begin
to see improvement in both your delivery and in your
relationship with your audience. You will be on the way to
becoming the speaker you want to become. What’s more, people
will want to listen to what you have to say and your charisma
quotient will increase significantly.

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